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Bamboo Root (Size M), Vivariums Reptile, Aquarium, Aquascaping, Bamboo Root Decor Craft for Reptile

Code : BR-M

Description :

Natural products will vary in size, Each root is unique, Provides a basking platform for your reptile, Long lasting wood & hard surface, Allows access to higher levels of the enclosure, Can be used as a foundation for vines.
Bamboo Root Terrarium Jungle Gym is an excellent piece for your reptiles enclosure, offering additional decoration to bring a natural feel to the environment, while also providing a new piece for your animals to explore. These roots are taken straight from the natural environment, with no two pieces looking the same.
Bamboo Root Terrarium Jungle Gym are an interesting irregularly shaped piece that are generally made up of a number of bulky branches that shoot out from one another, creating an interesting three dimensional form. Reaching up from the ground, Bamboo Root Terrarium Jungle Gym allows your reptiles to climb and move around their tank in a new way, providing a means by which they can interact with this captive environment in the same way as they would in their habitat.
This jungle gym retains the rough texture of the root, giving it an interesting feel while also bringing with it a real outdoor appearance that can help to enhance your reptile enclosure.
When placed among other plants and substrate, Bamboo Root Terrarium Jungle Gym can help to create an all natural environment that your animals can explore, hide away in and make their own. Please Note: Each individual order of Bamboo Root Terrarium Jungle Gym will contain a unique piece in terms of its shape and, while retaining the same characteristics, will differ from the picture shown.
Bamboo Root These one of a kind roots are able to be placed in many positions. Bamboo Root can be stood on their sides to provide low level climbing opportunities for semi - terrestrial species, or stood on end to ad an extra element of height for tree dwelling species. Bamboo Root do well in humid environments and therefore are nice additions to rainforest tanks, as well as less humid desert and woodland habitats.
These roots they are highly suggested for use under your pets basking light. The random shape and various perch heights created from these roots help allow for your pet picking his ideal thermo cline for basking.
Size: Natural products will vary in size
Product Type
Home Decoration
Place of Origin
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Brand Name
Dekor Asia Indonesia
Model Number
Bamboo Root
Product name
Bamboo Root Reptile
Natural Color
Bamboo Root Reptile