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Teak Wood Round Bowl 5.7 Inc | Kitchen Tools | Wooden

Code : KT1B003

Description :

Teak Wood Round Bowl 5.7 Inc | Kitchen Tools | Wooden

Teak Round Wooden Bowl is the right place to hold.
This is a round wooden bowl that is ideal for breakfast or thick soup, but can be used for all types of food as well as presentation bowls.
Besides being simple and practical, this is a party for the eyes because we see the lines and colors of wood that are drawn a lot.
The items we make are all made of high quality solid teak wood.

"D 5.7" x H 2.9"

Easy to care for, wood plates are washed in hot water with a little product if necessary. Avoid dishwashers and microwaves, and basting once or twice a year with food oil.
Each bowl is unique, from light brown walnuts to very veined walnuts, the object you will receive depends on the wood currently available. Feel free to ask us for photos of the items available before sending to choose YOUR best bowl.