Teak Wood Round Bowl Dish Serving D 6.7 Inc | Kitchen Tools | Wooden

Code : KT1B006

Description :

Teak Wood Round Bowl Dish Serving D 6.7 Inc | Kitchen Tools | Wooden

This is a beautiful round teak bowl made from the highest quality teak wood from excess material left by the logging industry & environmentally friendly material.

You will be amazed how light, sturdy, smooth, and well designed. Can be used for many purposes.
Safe for food. Real use and washable!

Made from wood that is sustainably managed, and left natural so that no chemicals are used during production. Rub olive oil from time to time to restore wood wealth.

Measurement: D 6.7 x 3.7 Inc

Please note the measurements are all approximate & each is unique & made individually. However, we guarantee a beautiful gain from each bowl.

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