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Teak Barn Stool with Rubber Feet - Wooden Stools

Code : ST52A

Description :

Wooden Stool / Teak Barn Stool With Rubber Feet

Description Product:

Material: Teak

Size: 38.1 x 38.1 x 50.8 cm

Rubber feet size: dia 2.5 x 1.25 cm


The idea to beautify the tone of your interior design using wooden craft is getting popular. Most people now choose natural and sustainable materials such as wood. Besides decorating your space, it is also the best choice to use products made of wood to provide more earthy ambience.

Our wood block stool is one of best-seller products to export. We use high-quality wood materials such as teak wood. Teak wood is the best wood in Indonesia for its strength and high durability. Besides teak wood, we also use reclaimed wood which is getting famous nowadays. The use of reclaimed wood is one step closer to maintain sustainable and eco-friendly move.

Such a long process to create one piece of beautiful wood stool for your room. From wood cutting, drying, putting wood into the oven to reduce its humidity, assembling, finishing, and packing. In the finishing process, a particular transparent sealer is applied to prevent the product from weathering and to maximize the durability.

We can package the product in a custom box/bag with color logo and UPC Barcode printed on it. However, our packaging for our products depends on the items and buyers requirement.

We accept other kinds of custom design. Currently, our design of wood block stool does not provide a storage feature, but we are open to make any kinds of additional change.