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Woven Banana Basket (Set 3) Natural Basket, Woven Rope Storage Basket

Code : NBBB03-07

Description :

Woven Rope Storage Basket, Baskets Storage Basket Household, Woven Banana Basket (Set 3) Natural Basket

S : D 32 x H 34.5 cm
M : D 35 x H 38 cm
L : D 42 x H 42 cm
XL : N/A

Natural Basket
Decoration, creative storage, picnic, grocery basket, beach bag, plant basin cover, toy storage box, etc. Perfect in every corner of the house, hallway, living room, childrens room, bathroom, balcony space.

Safe and Healthy Material
Banana Woven is an all-natural and easily renewable resource, a very environmentally friendly material that is frequently used to create woven baskets, with no bad chemicals smell, it is good for you and your family health.