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FREE Shipping - Rattan Stick For Rattan Percussion Mallets, Rattan Drum

Code : RM001

Description :

Rattan Stick Special Offer USD 1.5 / Pcs For Rattan Percussion Mallets, Rattan Stick Drum
Length = 420 mm
Diameter Big End = 7.5-8 mm, 8-8.5 mm, 8.5-9 mm, 9-9.5 mm, 9.5-10 mm, 10-10.5 mm
Sell per bundle = 50 pcs.
Color = yellow

You need the right type of rattan quality, size and weight, maybe we are the right choice. We have factory in indonesia. We have become one of the leading suppliers for rattan products worldwide. The products we make come from our own factory.
We are not agents. We are the only makers. We sell rattan percussion, with hight quality. Has been expert in this jobs since 1997 ago. Main markets to Asia, USA and Europe .ETC, Have been useds many mallets makers. On the world.

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