Antique Shape Teak Bowl D 5.7 Inc | Kitchen Tools | Wooden

Code : KT1B002

Description :

Antique Shape Teak Bowl D 5.7 Inc | Kitchen Tools | Wooden

Antique Shape Teak Bowl - Wooden bowl - Rural wooden bowl - Wooden candy dish - Fruit bowl

We are pleased to offer our work unusual, unique and decorative handmade bowls.

Antique bowl, ideal for candy in the middle of a table. The many choices here are your help.
Suspended - removed by dark brown epoxy resin. How beautiful. But! We do not require the use of these foods for food purposes. It would be better to buy packaged food.

We will be glad if this antique and beautiful bowl finds its home and owner. He is ready to go far to the owner, thanks to high-quality and safe packaging.

D 5.7 Inc x H 2.9 Inc

Made from natural elm and high quality epoxy resin.

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