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Teak Wooden Chopsticks L 9.5 Inc | Kitchen Tools | Wooden

Code : KT4B010

Description :

Teak Wooden Chopsticks L 9.5 Inc | Kitchen Tools | Wooden


Chinese and Japanese style chopsticks, handmade by us, have a strong literary atmosphere. These chopsticks are very portable and we also have linen bags. You can use it to sandwich sushi and eat noodles.


Dont underestimate this lightweight pair of chopsticks, but this includes the great cultural civilization of the Chinese people. The graft, called zhu in ancient times, was a very unique tool that must be eaten by Chinese people and people in many East Asian countries. also with pick, pick, clip, mix, grilled and other functions, light and comfortable, the knives and forks and other equipment cannot be compared. Stock is the essence of Chinese culture. They have a long history of development. The standard length of chopsticks is seven inches and six minutes. Seven emotions: joy, anger, sadness, fear, love, evil, desire: Six desires: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and seven emotions and six desires are basic physiological requirements and psychological dynamics of humans, basic human nature, the nature of each person, and the most basic tone of human life.
Chopsticks, usually made of bamboo, porcelain, wood, metal, plastic, etc. are one of the symbols of Chinese food culture. China has been using tableware for a long time. Chopsticks have a history of at least 3.000 years and were called chopsticks during the Ming Dynasty.
A pair of simple chopsticks, very common, very ordinary, but with different pride, different emotions. A pair of chopsticks brings emotions and memories of the Chinese people.
Chinese ideals and reality, soul and flesh are also combined. We must learn to love this culture, believe in our beliefs, and strongly uphold this heritage.


Size : Diameter 0.3 x 9.5 Inc

Material : teak wood